Friday, December 16, 2011

job hunting at KLIA

date:15 DECEMBER 2011

"hello, Miss. .we are wondering if there is any jobs for us here at the store ?"

"okey, please fill up this form first and send it back to me :)"

"okey !"

"here you go"

"thank you. for now you just have to wait for us to call you for interviews. you may go now"

1.D'trendz  ( / )
2.Secret Recipe ( / ) shop ( / ) ( / )
5.Wafada Sdn.Bhd ( / )

                  unfortunately right now, i don't feel like to work. dad also doesn't encourage me to work. i've talk to him about this. 

"why do you go to KLIA this morning ?"

"my friend, Mimi, asked me to come along to find some job"

"well, did you get any ?"

"i don't know yet. i fill up the form they gave me and they said they will call for interviews"

"why do you want to work so badly ?"

"well, the main reason is i need money"

"why ?"

"what if i want to hang out with my friend but i don't have any money to spend ?"

"that's why i need money. i know you can't give much money"

"who says i can't. i f you want to hang out and need money, i'll just give it to you"

"is not like you're going to hang out everyday, right ?"

"you will ?! well that's great. okay then"

"i've made my decision. i don't want to work !"

so i guess i'm not working then. i'm just going to live my life happily :)