Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my cute hyperactive cousin

name: aiman
age: 7 years old (2012)
lives in: Bukit Changgang
relationship: little cousin
power: quick learner 
weakness: will cry if doesn't get what he want

                yesterday, my relatives came to visit. they came in the afternoon. just the right time for lunch which we, my family and i, have prepared. i think that was a busy day for me and my family. we prepared a variety of meal for them.

                 my dad was very busy with his dish. actually i don't know what was the dish's name. all that i know that there were a lot of meat in there and it was spicy a bit but like it. at the end, everyone loves the meals that we have prepared. good job for our teamwork.

                 since you have notice Aiman's picture above but still nothing about him in this post. well, what i'm about to tell you is something . . . is not a secret but it's just what i think about him. i think he is just a playful kid but super hyperactive

                at his age, he is able to read clearly and fast for which i think is not normal for kid at his age. well, i think he is going to be a smart kid when he enters the school next year and really hope that the teachers can handle him very well.

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Jaff6301 said...

Well...I'm not good at cooking but perhaps I can try the next season Masterchef challenge...kwang3X...Oopss...Daging salai masak lemak cili padi...the main course for yesterday get together lunch...finish off within minutes.