Friday, December 9, 2011

what will i do next . .

                  SPM is almost over and i don't know what to do next. mom won't allow me to work. i just don't want to be stuck at home making myself bigger day by day. i've been thinking these day. if i've got my driver's license but i have no car, was it worth it ? there just so much things to think and so many thing are going inside my head.

                if possible i don't want to work with great food surrounding me. all that i need at the work place is air-conditioner. am i to picky ? i guess so. but that's just who i am. just try to being myself not somebody else. i just can't work if the heat i s everwhere. i just can't stand the heat. 

            KLIA is the best place for me to find jobs there. but i don't know when i will be working. ahhhh! so much to think and it's hurting my mind. oh God ! please help me. i'm totally confused. okey. i don't think i want to think about right now. just forget about it. better think of Engineering Technology paper that awaits me on Wednesday. wish me a lot of luck :P

smile while you still can :)

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