Thursday, December 15, 2011

freedom from SPM at last !

                    when the last paper of SPM ended, i don't know how to react. i felt empty in myself. all my friends were like crazy happy but me. . just packing up my stuff and get ready to go home. just like usual school day. as if there was nothing big is happening. all that i saw was they were screaming happily but as for me. . i'm clueless. 

                       whatever it is, i know i don't want to be stuck at home. i must get a job. seriously i must. i'm thinking KLIA maybe. hmmm if i get a job. if not, i don't know. recently my family pet a turtle but he still haven't  got any name yet. i just hope that Mr. Turtle will live long ^.^

this my pet, Mr. Turtle O__O

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