Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iCITY is so boring

                  nothing much to do when your at the iCITY Shah Alam maybe because it is newly open. my dad suddenly take us there last night. it is such a surprise for me and my sisters because we have always wanted to go there with the family its just that my parents seems doesn't have the time.

               we were so anxious and full of excitement. but at the end, we felt like going home after that. it was so crowded with people. i know it was supposed to be crowded but i hate it because there was nothing to do there. it was also hard to find place to eat. the only place was just KFC. and so many people were in there.

                trust me. if you want to go to iCITY, go after 3 years. at that time i think the iCITY will be much  better i guess and hope so.


Jaff6301 said...

I do agree with your comment...nothing much to see...just trees with light everywhere but a good place for a photographer to sharpen their DSLR skills...exploring the settings and try to get the best shot.

noeanna said...

hoho. . don't go to iCITY anymore :D