Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hwayoung, be strong ☺ ‏

hearing her dropping out from T-ARA really shocked me
i keep on questioning myself, 
" why would she be drop out from T-ARA? "
" what had really happened? "
i searched and searched, looking for the reason
some online sites said she's being bullied by the T-ARA members
some said she's acting like a 'top star'
i don't know which one is true
but if she's really being bullied
that's just mean, i know she joins T-ARA late
but there's no need to bully her
she's new so just guide her
i think that's the right thing to do

i used to like Jiyeon and of course the whole T-ARA
but after knowing this, i lost interest towards Jiyeon
now, i'm viewing Jiyeon and other T-ARA members as a bully
나ėœ ė—Žėž ! ( nappeun yeoja ! )
i felt sorry for Hwayoung
i'm officially now leaving T-ARA behind
they're outta from my list
now, rooting for Hwayoung !
Day by day is the last ( i like Hwayoung rap part )
waiting something from Hwayoung in the future
it's just my own opinion
other person might think the opposite
ouh, whatsoever -..-

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

reminiscing back

child, children, coca, coca cola, coke

listening to Cassie's song while blogging this
yesterday i stayed up all night youtube-ing old songs 
songs that brings back the memories of my life
i still remember when i used to listen to Stacie Orrico, Cassie and Jojo
i dunno why i stop listening back then
then, suddenly, yesterday my housemates played one of Cassie's song
that just recalls the memories back to my mind
listening to these kinda songs back at 2006
i was like 12 years old back then
at that time, kpop is still not spreading at my hometown
so listening to Cassie, Jojo and Stacie are just like great
so, today after class, i came back home
and went to sleep -..-'
after break fasting, open up the lappy and start downloading all the songs
- ditto (loving it)
- me and you (this song really reminds me of something, it's just that i dunno what. there's something about this song)

Stacie Orrico
- i'm not missing you (i love this song back then)

- superstar (totally my favourite, used to know all the lyrics)


Cassie- Ditto Lyrics

Saturday, July 14, 2012

song of the week - Super Junior sexy, free & single

now, listening to the song while blogging this
why this is the song of the week ?
it started with raining gum balls
haha . . 'bedtime stories' much
my sister is totally nuts for them
then she post this video at my wall
at first i was like, "ouh, Super Junior ? i like T-ara more."
then, this morning, when i don't know what to do
i just click the video and watch it
listen it, observing them dancing, seeing Kangin again
( i used to be an ELF with my sister back then )
i was like, " shit ! they all look good and cool ! although they're getting older "
i fell in love with them. . . again

welcome back, Kangin

i got my eyes at Eunhyuk, loving his style (fell in love again)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TUTORIAL : header transparent

dashboard > edit HTML > tick Expand Widget > press Ctrtl + F and find this code
then paste this code under the head code
 <center><a href='YOUR BLOG URL'><img alt='' border='0' src='DIRECT LINK HEADER '/></a></center>

preview and save :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Korean Drama // The Strongest KPOP Survival

uwaaahhhh !!!! i did it !
i've finished this drama ! feels good
it took me half of the day downloading and two days to finished it
overall, just cute :D
Go Eun Ah really looks like Mir
i just can't take my eyes off her
its like seeing Mir doing the acting, not Go Eun Ah
after finishing this, i google pictures of Mir and Go Eun Ah
apparently they do look the same

here's one from the drama 
don't they look the same ?!
haaaa. . really like her acting 
(i like watching her in this drama because reminds me of Mir all the time ;p)

anyway, since i'm all alone for today
( all of my housemates went shopping, i didn't tag along because don't wanna spend my money. i like to shop useless stuff )
-i manage to finished this drama
- i lunch while watching episode 11
- finished watching at 4pm
- wavering around the house until 5pm
- shower and stuff
- doing laundry at 5.30pm
- bought food at the cafe
- drank soybean milk ( taste so good ! )
- check the laundry, hang the clothes
- wavering around while waiting for maghrib
- now, waiting for my housemates :P 9:30pm

well, what a lovely Sunday is today eh !
hoping for a better Sunday next week
Sunday is my favourite day