Saturday, July 14, 2012

song of the week - Super Junior sexy, free & single

now, listening to the song while blogging this
why this is the song of the week ?
it started with raining gum balls
haha . . 'bedtime stories' much
my sister is totally nuts for them
then she post this video at my wall
at first i was like, "ouh, Super Junior ? i like T-ara more."
then, this morning, when i don't know what to do
i just click the video and watch it
listen it, observing them dancing, seeing Kangin again
( i used to be an ELF with my sister back then )
i was like, " shit ! they all look good and cool ! although they're getting older "
i fell in love with them. . . again

welcome back, Kangin

i got my eyes at Eunhyuk, loving his style (fell in love again)


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