Thursday, February 16, 2012

Korean Drama // Dream High 2 Episode 1 Review

i just finished watching Dream High 2 ep 1 at and it was awesome! i love it so much. i can't believe i had watched it. super exited. 

Kang Sora is so cute.  her lips 

JB looks hot. 

Jinwoon is tall. 

Ailee's and Hyorin's voice are great. 
Jr. looks innocent.

conclusion, Dream High 2, daebak!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Korean Drama // I Want To Watch Dream High 2 !



JB changing his pants (◕‿◕)

SISTAR Hyorin loving it :)
JB is so hot ♥

JB and Jiyeon looks great together XD

pink Jiyeon 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

addicted to Ailee - Heaven song

her name is Ailee and she just debut as singer a few days ago. she is a great singer and she have a very melodious voice. i'm so addicted to hear her song again and again (i'm listening to her song now while writing this post). she is so beautiful. look at the picture above, don't you think she is beautiful ? of course she is. her song "Heaven" touch my heart. i mean the melody is so good plus her great voice makes "Heaven" a great song. it has some sweet melody in it. (just loving the song right now but Block B "Nanrina" is still a favorite).

Ailee.Heaven MV

Friday, February 10, 2012

Driving School computer test is making me CRAZY!

         when i was 13, i had always wanted to ride motorcycle but that desire changed. at 15, my friend died at a motorcycle accident with a bus and last year my classmate also die while riding her motorcycle. she was hit by a car from the back. the saddest part is she died on my birthday. now, that's just awful to think about. whatever it is, i know that motorcycle doesn't give much protection. so i decided to drive a car.

        seeing my friends getting their drivers' licenses makes me want to have one. i'm so eager to drive a car at this time but to drive the car at the road. . first, i have to have a drivers' license. to have the license, i have to go through many challenges. 

1. hear a talk about THINGS related
2. pass the computer test
3. past the practical test
4. past the 'on road' test

       i'm now currently at number 2. no, i'm between 1 and 2. i have heard the talk and now studying for the test. to past, i have to get at least 84%. whoa ~ that's a high percentage. well, just hope i pass it. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korean Drama // Crazy For Wild Romance

back when i was in high school,  i was dying to finish watching korean drama that i currently viewing at that time. unfortunately, i don't have the time for that due to my busyness for SPM (big exam that determine MY FUTURE) but now i finally can finished this new KDRAMA that just started in KBSW channel. i am super exited at this story. there are so many unexpected scene in it.

the drama is title with "Wild Romance". i am loving the main cast LEE DONG WOOK and LEE SI YOUNG. they both look cute together XD. my favorite cast in this drama is KANG DONG HO. i think he's still new in the acting industry. well, all that i know he's good looking and he made my heart melt (i smile non-stop when it come to his scene) 

KANG DONG HO.picture

isn't he cute ? he look so innocent ! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

song of the week Block B - Nanrina

          this week my head is stuck with Block B's song Nanrina. seriously i really love the song. i keep replaying it several time. actually the music video really impressed me. all of the Block B boys look so hot. i mean, i like those kind of guys. bad boy look. aww! every time i watch the music video, my smile never fade off. there're just so awesome in the video :) the most i love is ZICO. wait ! maybe i love all of them ~ hehe. . . just sharing my interest.

Block B them with full of interest (drools)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

life notes

            Dear people,
         i used to be a kid. now i'm a teenager. so to some extent I would instinctively know that teenagers are always looking for fun, even with a very stupid way. but times changed. teenagers nowadays has achieved the level of violation, rape, bullying, extortion and so much crazy stuff the would do. this teenagers has becoming more rude. seriously, they have no self respect in them self. i do not know where our society has gone wrong. is it the parents lack of attention or the bad friend's influence ? we always finding faults of others without looking at our own weakness and pride ourselves in doing stupid things.

        it has become a culture where some of us are busy working making it the reason to ignore their responsibility. people work hard to earn money. money is needed for a comfortable life. to live comfortably. we have to work hard night and day ignoring our family. it that even right ? hmmm. . . 

life is a process of learning everything you can. we will always make mistake but sometimes we are given the opportunity to correct the mistake. we might get punish for our mistake and because of our mistake, other people, our family or the society has to go through the consequences. but such mistake will occur because we are human being. nobody's perfect.
the most important thing is we realize of our mistake. take lesson from it and strives to improve our selves no matter how bitter the experiences we have encountered

" MONEY can be earn "
" FRIENDS come and go "
" JOBS can change "
" but FAMILY are the flesh and blood till the day we die and cannot be replaced "