Sunday, February 5, 2012

life notes

            Dear people,
         i used to be a kid. now i'm a teenager. so to some extent I would instinctively know that teenagers are always looking for fun, even with a very stupid way. but times changed. teenagers nowadays has achieved the level of violation, rape, bullying, extortion and so much crazy stuff the would do. this teenagers has becoming more rude. seriously, they have no self respect in them self. i do not know where our society has gone wrong. is it the parents lack of attention or the bad friend's influence ? we always finding faults of others without looking at our own weakness and pride ourselves in doing stupid things.

        it has become a culture where some of us are busy working making it the reason to ignore their responsibility. people work hard to earn money. money is needed for a comfortable life. to live comfortably. we have to work hard night and day ignoring our family. it that even right ? hmmm. . . 

life is a process of learning everything you can. we will always make mistake but sometimes we are given the opportunity to correct the mistake. we might get punish for our mistake and because of our mistake, other people, our family or the society has to go through the consequences. but such mistake will occur because we are human being. nobody's perfect.
the most important thing is we realize of our mistake. take lesson from it and strives to improve our selves no matter how bitter the experiences we have encountered

" MONEY can be earn "
" FRIENDS come and go "
" JOBS can change "
" but FAMILY are the flesh and blood till the day we die and cannot be replaced " 

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