Sunday, October 16, 2016

Movies // Miss Peregrine's & The Magnificent Seven

Okay, the title is not real! Obviously from looking at the picture above it is clearly two different movies. I want to write something shorter for the title, so why not combine it :) So, last week and also this week, I went to watch Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and The Magnificent Seven. I watched Miss Peregrine's first last week and later this week I watched The Magnificent Seven <- this one was totally unplanned*. Both movies were amusing and yet at a time gave me a horrific experience by watching it. 

 Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
I was browsing through youtube a few months ago at the movies trailer channel and came across this movie's trailer and became quite fascinated by it. It gave me such an Alice In Wonderland kinda vibe. From that moment onward, I knew I have to catch this movie. So, I tick my calendar and give myself a reminder to GO WATCH THIS MOVIE because it is a fantasy genre. I really really really loves fantasy. Anyway, back to the movie. To no avail, it does not disappoint me and made me thinking whether a world like that in the movie do exist or nahh? I give my love to the max to Emma Bloom mostly because of her blonde hair and her awesome shoes. Enoch O'Connor also got my attention, I don't know why haha. For the record, I think this movie was amazing and I would recommend to those who fancy fantasy movies. 

Points I give for Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
  1. Blondie Emma bloom with rocking shoes.
  2. Enoch O'Connor ♥.
  3. Eva Green looked stunning in the movie and I really adore her cat-like eyes.
  4. Hollowgast really reminds me of The Slender Man in the wood.
  5. How does it feels to live in a loop of the same day everyday?
  6. The reason behind why the twins wears a mask.
  7. Horace Somusson's ability to project dreams through a monocle! I wish to have that skill!!

The Magnificent Seven
Now, this movie was not in my list to watch but because out of boredom and I just want to be in the cinema while eating popcorn, Ogie and I decided to watch this. I have no idea what this movie was all about the moment I entered the cinema. I sat down and just watch the whole thing. From what I had observed, people from the 1800's can just kill anyone anywhere without even worrying the consequences and that worries me so much and gave me the almost heart attack from watching this movie. Gunshot everywhere and out of the sudden :( But I did enjoyed it and it almost gave me tears because of the ending. I did also grasped the moral of the story; which you have to find out by yourself XD It was not bad after all. If I was given a chance to watch it again, yeahhh probably no. Just because . . mehh.

Points I give for The Magnificent Seven
  1. They got Chris Pratt in it, which was nice :)
  2. I saw a shiny horse and I want it !! I mean, what highlighter does it use?
  3. The story line itself was pretty good and quite nice. 
  4. The act of sacrificing yourself for others.
  5. I like like like Red Harvest with face paint on.
  6. It almost gave me tears but I managed to hold it within myself. 

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