Sunday, October 16, 2016

Movie // The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Why lah I didn't watch this sooner, it's freaking hillarious :D I thought it was going to be a serious and intense movie like Hitman Agent 47 but nahhh, it was totally the opposite of it but still got plenty of actions going on. Armie Hammer as Illya Kuryakin was so hot! I'm digging his Russian accent and tall figure. The other guy kinda reminds me of Superman and after reading at Wikipedia, of course he is Superman, duhhh. I mean he got the looks also, suits him perfectly. It's just that his hair was too greasy for me in this movie and I kinda hate it for somehow haha. They're both are super strong spies but yet somehow they showed their comedic side and I love it :) Illya was kinda short-tempered and that kinda scared me but he was hot, how could I say no to him ;D. Overall I had fun and enjoyed watching this movie.

Points I give for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  1. First point was given to Illya Kuryakin of course ♥.
  2. It was totally the opposite from what I expected it to be. 
  3. I just love spy movies.
  4. The techs that they used were totally old fashioned, I don't know whether it still exist haha.
  5. The almost kiss between Illya and Gaby; 3x times and the last one was so close !!
  6. Antiques cars, antiques cars everywhere *screaming my heart out* #antiquecarlovers.
  7. Victoria Vinciguerra's eye makeup was stunning AF. 
  8. To the start of a new friendship between Napoleon and Illya.

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