Sunday, October 9, 2016

Korean Drama // Oh My Ghostess (2015)

I think it has been years since I posted my favourite Korean drama although during those absent years of kdrama post, I’ve been watching tons of dramas and all of them were juicy good! Starting today, I’m posting it again and I really hope I will make time for it (to watch the dramas and also posting about it).

Well, here goes. As I mention in my previous post, I’ve started to watch this one drama which is Oh My Ghostess and needless to say here, I’ve finished watching it for 2 and half day! This is of course because I have an ample of time due to I still haven’t started working yet. Anyway, back to the drama. I could say at first I have no intention of liking this drama because I am not a fan of Jo Jung Suk. Not to say I don’t like him, probably because I haven’t actually watch his drama. I sometimes notice him in certain dramas but never really paid attention to him. But after the first episodeJ, I was totally bewitched by him but only for this drama only, okay! Park Bo Young looked so young in here and I still could not accept that the fact she was a 28 years old woman working as an assistant chef. I mean like, seriously she’s at that age and looking like that. I feel terrible looking at myself L Nevertheless, I love seeing both of them together on screen. Another reason of why I watched this drama is because of Kwak Si Yang (Seo Joon). I instantly felt for him!! I don’t know why but I am totally attracted to character in here. He has that cool boyfriend type material. And when he smile or when he’s drunk, it’s like it could see another side of him and he was so coooooool! *fangirling mode*. I am also a fan of Kim Seul Gi but she appeared less in here. I really love it when she was in Discovery of Love. Overall, the drama was great.

 Points I give for Oh My Ghostess                         
  1. Seo Joon-shi
  2. I’m amazed of the appearance of the evil spirit from Officer Choi.
  3.  It gives me excitement of wanting to open a restaurant of my own.
  4.  Gives me encouragement to perfect my cooking skills (because they’ll always be a cooking scene in each episde).
  5.  Na Bong Bong’s nickname.
  6. The twisted story of Shin Soon Ae’s death and Eun Hee’s accidents.
  7. Seeing Na Bong Sun and Kim Sun Woo together.

7/10 !! 

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