Sunday, November 13, 2016

Song of the week x Terror Jr

Finally, I got something to write about songs of the week. This tag has been dusty for so long, mainly because I got no steady internet connection and all other usual lame excuses. So, basically I was browsing through YouTube and then I came across this one video. It's about Kylie Jenner and a band name Terror Jr. The caption itself question whether she's the singer or not. Eventually it also made me curios and I clicked to watch the video.

After quite a while watching the video, I'm kinda hooked up to the music of the band itself. I know they said it is full of auto-tune and stuff but who cares! It pleases my ears and that is all that matter right now. The big question everyone wants to know is who's the singer because in the video they explain that they only know the singer's name as Lisa something. But right now, I don't even give AF who's the singer. If it's Kylie then good for her, if it's someone else then good for her too. The voice is still amazing for me even with auto tune but I don't think all of the song had auto tune, I could still hear the original voice but who knows right. Everyone hears differently but this is what I hear from my own ears, wtvh. I'm currently hooked on Sugar and 3 Strikes. I'm like keep on repeating the song over and over again for this whole day. I love it! I really hope they will keep on doing more music in the future, hopefully *fingers cross*

List of songs by Terror Jr:
  1. 3 strikes F A V
  2. Come first
  3. Little white bars
  4. Pray
  5. Say so
  6. Sugar F A V
  7. Super power
  8. Trippin
  9. Truth

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