Sunday, October 9, 2016

Diary report

So, I moved to Shah Alam this week and things were kinda hectic and tiring.

4th October, 2016 Tuesday
                I arrived at Arte Subang West Condominium around 5.00 pm which was already late because I got lost on my way here. I don’t know why but I am really bad recognizing road and end up getting in the wrong one. I met Amirul (the guy who’s handling the house renting process) and he helped me to take my stuffs upstairs because I still don’t have the access card or the keys to the house. He told me to stay put in the house and later he will give me the access card and keys but I had to go to Unisel that night for a club’s meeting. So, I went out and he said he will keep me up to date with the keys and card. I reached Unisel late, around 8.20 pm and the meeting started at 8.00 pm. The meeting ended around 11.00 pm and quickly went to Ogie’s house to meet him. Coincidently, I met Fauzn and Shaakr at his house and all four of us went for dinner at Bb. It was nice meeting the two of them because it has been a long time since a met them two. We talked and laugh reminiscing back during our old days in Foundation years. Right about 1.00 am, I went back to Shah Alam; to a place where I should start to call “Home” from now on. Unfortunately, there’s no news of my keys and access card and therefore I parked my car outside and asked the security guard to scan the access card for me to get into the lift. I waited for almost like 15 minutes for the so called “housemates” to open the door for me but to no avail, none answered. I had to call Amirul and woke him up from his deep sleep just to help me get into the house (because he’s the only one I know with the keys to the house). I showered and went to sleep after that. For the first night, I had no roommate. She was at her friend’s.

5th October, 2016 Wednesday
                Around 8.00 am I woke up and remembered that I parked my car outside of this building and the possibility of getting a ticket was high but I prayed at that time no ticket will be issued. I was wrong! Around afternoon, I went out to go to Tesco to duplicate the keys to the house and that was when I saw the ticket. I went to Tesco first to duplicate the keys and later Amirul accompanied me to pay the fine at MBSA. It was RM 10.00 and just like that my RM 10.00 was gone. Thus, this was the beginning of my second day of living in Shah Alam. Right after that I went to Unisel to fetch Ogie because we made a plan to watch Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children at Setia City Mall cinema. I stopped by at Unisel café first to have luch with him. I had MakRock ayam masak merah and I was superb. After that we went to SCM. We watched movie, lepak by the grass and went window shopping. The movie was great and hilarious although it was a fantasy. I got back home exactly around midnight, right after sending Ogie home. I met Amirul and he gave me my access card (finally! No more outside parking and getting fine tickets). Later that night, I met my roommate and she is 18 years old, same age as my sister; I feel old.

6th October, 2016 Thursday
                I have to be at Kota Kemuning by 11.00 am because they decided to have lunch together before the training. It took 20 minutes or more for me to reach there. What’s great was that I found another road to Kota Kemuning which I don’t have to pay for tolls *cheapskate alert* and we went to Pizza Hut for lunch *more cheapskate alert*. Nevertheless, the training went well and I even drank free Wanda coffee that was offered. Unfortunately, they couldn’t manage to do the whole training and will be continue to the next day. I went straight back home and later that night I watched Train To Busan at my laptop. It was the saddest movie for me of this yearlah. All of the emotions and feelings got mixed together while watching this movie. Luckily, I didn’t dream of zombies that night. Speaking of zombies, I think their zombies were fierce and scarier if it happened in reality.

7th October, 2016 Friday
                I woke up at 11.00 am and cooked something for brunch as I had to go to the kindergarten for some more training. Advice to myself, never ever plan on going out during lunch hour (remember those traffic jam and long queue) but what can I say, this is the freaking Shah Alam, traffic jams everywhere. I got there just on time, luckily ~. The training was somehow mundane where we just be seated and listen to different explanation of stuffs and etc. Before heading back home, I stopped by a mart to buy some groceries for me to cook for tonight’s dinner. I reached home around 7.00 because the traffic jams was no joke. I hate it and it will be my evening for every single working day for me later on when I started working. I cooked dinner and decided to watch this one Korean drama which has been sitting for too long in my laptop. It Oh My Ghost and truthfully it was good and I like it. By then my behavior of staying up late at night watching dramas came back again. I watched until the 6th episode and went to sleep around 4.00 am. What a night.

8th October, 2016 Saturday
                I woke up at noon because I had no plans for today and also because I stayed up all night watching dramas. Guess what I did today? I continue watching the drama of course! I am currently at episode 11 and stopped watching it because I want to write this post. I also decided to check out the gym but it seems like I didn’t have the guts to go alone, hmmm living alone in a house shared with 9 others girls that you don’t know sucks! I don’t know what to say. I enjoy that I can be alone but I hate that I have to share a room with 3 other girls (I have only met one only, two more to come). Well, that’s me. I hope tomorrow will be more fun and interesting. God’s willing. 

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