Monday, December 28, 2015

Hot Stuff // The Headscarf I Needed @byanymnyzura

I need new colours for my headscarfs. Mother kept saying I always wear the same old black shawl I got for Eid this year. The thing is with me and black shawl, it matches with anything and I love how it looks good on me. I feel comfortable and more confident in that colour. Thus, it has been my favourite colour of the year of 2015. As for 2016, I need to add more new colour for my headscarf. I've been following this instashop for quite some time, @byanymnyzura and I did bought a few of their headscarf. Now, I need some more. Of all the colour, I have chosen 5 of those and I will buy it! No matter what my financial status is :)

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