Sunday, December 27, 2015

Breaking The Vow

Last year, at the end of 2014 I vowed to myself to not eat a single rice for the entire 2015 as a reason perhaps it could help with my diet and my weight loss journey. As for today, it has been 363 days without rice for me but still not one year yet as one year has 365 days. Unfortunately for me today as I am writing this post, I had rice before, for the first time since 362 days ago when I vowed not to have some.

Why did I ate it?! Well, the story starts like this. After Maghreb prayer, my mother ask the whole family to go to the mosque to listen to a talk. I had nothing to do that night so why not just go and spent some time to listen to a talk, doesn't do any harm to me. So, I went to there and after the talk is over, we prayed for Isya' prayer. When it's time to go back, they gave us a pack of food to bring back home. At first mother already told me that not to take one as she had already took one for me but then my sister insisted that I take another one. Ergo, I took one because she really really wanted me to take it.

When we came back home, we realized that each of us had already took one pack of food. So, in total we have 6 packs of food. There's five of us (father, mother, adik, alang and me) but mother took two pack of food. In the end we gave the other pack to our neighbour. Mother won't let us keep the extra food in the fridge. She does not want to reheat the food the next morning. Unfortunately, there's this new rumour said that reheating yesterday food to be eaten is bad and she is trying to avoid that. Going back to the food, all of it was rice; nasi lemak, 2 nasi goreng kampung and 2 nasi goreng pattaya. Father's food is pretty much the same, nasi impit.

I was eyeing the nasi lemak and I have encounter tons of nasi lemak during my 'fasting of rice' year and I don't know why but this time I just can't resist it anymore. I ask everyone if I could eat the nasi lemak. Can I eat it or not? I kept repeating the same question over and over again to them and myself. I was thinking that it is already the end of the year and I only got two more days to achieve my one-year-no-rice goals. But then father said to me softly,"To be honest, it won't make any different whether you eat the rice now or 2 days after you achieve your one year rice goal because you still look the same. So just eat it". He really made a good point and in the end, the rice was already inside my mouth and I can't stop chewing. It feels like it has been ages I hadn't ate but later then I just feel the same.

Nevertheless, I feel happy that I can eat rice again. Mother said, you could eat rice but limit how much you take per day. I feel guilty but glad. What is that?! Whatever it is, I gotta start to make new diet plans for next year. In the end, I feel proud of myself for getting this much far in this no-rice journey.

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