Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Exploregram // Makeup Beauty @yayaadalia

What do you do when you got bored at instagram? you explore! and that was when I found her @yayaadalia. She was at the top of the explore section of instagram. The picture shown was a girl wearing a black headscarf with glasses but what got me interested was her her lipstick hehe. I clicked her profile and totally fell for her. Safe to say I loved the way she did with her face (the makeup I meant). I instantly clicked the follow button and yep. I myself am still weak in makeup and still exploring and learning in the world of makeup. For me, the basic that I know are doing your brows, eyeliners, lipsticks and powder and lil bit of foundation when I'm not too lazy to apply it. That's all for me. I really need to step up my game here when I saw her because I was like; what a gorgeous creature she is :)

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