Thursday, December 31, 2015

Movies // The City Of Love

My friend, Raihanah, whom also my housemates is currently at Paris at the moment. When she told me the past few months ago that she's going to Paris this December, I was like "good for you!". I bet it's gonna be awesome getting on that plane where it's taking you there. But somehow, lately I've encounter a few Paris-ish related movie. Is it so obvious that I've been thinking about that place? Well, I don't but it's not that I'm not concern about what happen to them (the Paris attack). I don't know, it felt funny. It's not like I'm seeing Paris everywhere but I don't know. Whatever. I kinda enjoy the movie tho. I've watched a new one, Paris or Perish, and re-watched an old one, Monte Carlo. They both amused me :)

Monte Carlo
Paris or Perish

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