Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Taking off webs in here

I got bored and decided to reread my old blog post when I realized that I haven't post anything THIS YEAR and the year is almost coming to an end. Gosh, Noeanna. Were you that lazy to write. Well, I guess I am. This time I admit it, I am definitely too lazy to write, not going for the usual I-am-too-busy-to-update-my-blog kinda excuse. 

Here's some random updates of what's been happening around with my life these past months of 2015.

  1. Semester 5 of degree started. (5 January)
  2. I broke my toenail at NSK Rawang while pushing a trolley. (11 January)
  3. Girls day out with my housemates Sera, Yan and Fara to One Utama. (13 January)
  4. Hike up to Broga Hills for the second time with housemates Sera, Yan, Fara and another two girls friend's of Pali. Went together with Ogie, Pali, Ehnon and two of Ogie's friends. (18 January)
  1. Meet up with the babes cuz Jaz's grandma passed away. (4 February)
  2. Babes get-together again at Setia City Mall except for Fara. (7 February)
  3. Went to Linggi, Negeri Sembilan to meet my dearest Wancu. (21 February)
  1. Ekin got married. (1 March)
  2. Exploring Ikea with Ogie for the first time. (7 March)
  3. Playing netball again and crushing it for Sukan Antara Fakulti, SAF. (14 March)
  4. Celebrating dad's birthday with 6 different Secret Recipe's cake and KFC at Ijok. (15 March)
  5. First time bought online jubah and wearing it. (18 March)
  6. Volunteered at Buku and Bazaar for theater production funding's. (31 March)
  1. Seeing a hedgehog for the first time, at home. (5 April)
  2. Successfully ended the theater performance. (9 April)
  3. News kittens in the house. (12 April)
  4. Classmates couple finally marries each other. (19 April) 
  5. 2 years of relationship with Ogie. (21 April)
  6. Tried Wok It but it didn't work on me. (26 April)
  7. Depressed and cutting again. (29 April)
  1. Tahlil for the loved ones. (1 May)
  2. Former primary school best friend got married - Wahida. (2 May)
  3. Semester 5 of degree ended. (13 May)
  4. Sera left the house to stay in hostel. (13 May)
  5. Exploring Petrosains with Ogie. (14 May)
  6. Kembara Alam Rimba, KAR07 camp tag along with Ogie. (15 May)
  7. Exploring IOI City Mall with the family. (23 May)
  8. Helping angah with her UKM video interview. (25 May)
  9. Exploring IOI City Mall with the siblings and cousin, Aqil. (30 May)
  1. Semester 6 of degree started. (1 June)
  2. Insidious chapter 3 movie with Ogie at Rawang TGV. (4 June)
  3. Big Bad Wolf Big Box Sale with the family at The Mines. (6 June)
  4. Cousin's wedding, Abang Zainal's. (7 June)
  5. Exploring Mitsui Outlet Park for the first time with the family. (7 June)
  6. Mickey the house cat died of mystery. (8 June)
  7. Tahlil for a GPMS member and club gathering. (15 June)
  8. Ramadan start. (18 June)
  9. Mother's bithday. (28 June)
  1. Full attendance babes meeting at One Utama also with Pali, Shaakir, Fauzan and Rafe. (4 July)
  2. Had my first Jipangi at One Utama together with Fara. (4 July)
  3. Noticing and interested in sugar skull makeup. (6 July)
  4. Educational Sociology conference. First of the first conference of life. (10 July)
  5. A mouse got into the house at malam raya. (17 July)
  6. Eidul Fitri 2015. (17 July)
  7. Raya meet up with them primary school mates, Aely, Fatin and Adib. (21 July)
  8. Day out with Ogie for Manhattan Fish Market at Setia City Mall. (25 July)
  9. Petting a bunny named Bunny together with Ogie. (25 July)
  10. Semester 6 of degree ended. (30 July)
  11. Ogie sent me back home for the first time and mom was surprisingly friendly towards him. (31 July)

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