Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Please wake me up early in the morning.

It was not a productive day today as I woke up around 11 am in the morning. I did not do much in the morning as I got one hour left with it. Just shower quickly and did laundry. Around 3 o' clock, I went to Banting with mother and Angah. We went to the bank, did some groceries shopping and bought me a new glasses! I broke mine few weeks before and I have been wearing contacts since then but now no more contacts because I got myself a glasses and it is nice. 

Later in the evening, I did a bit of workout. I tried to follow steps from blogilates but to no avail I changed it and improvised. All because I was listening to Major Lazer's songs. It was more of a hip dancing session rather than a workout session but in the end, I did get sore legs and I can't properly stand because my legs were shaking. It was just temporary as the shaking were gone after constant walking around the house. So enough to say this is actually day 2 of workout day. Hoping it will continue until the end of the month, fingers cross. 


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