Thursday, January 10, 2013

Few last day in Unisel

A lot have been going on these past days and very tiring at some point. The WiFi keeps on disappearing some time and making me crazy without internet. I really can't live without internet. Fufufufu :3 It's already Thursday now and I have big exam this morning at 9 am. Academic Reading Skills. Hope everything goes well. I did read the notes and memorize stuff. Wish me luck so that I can answer the paper well later. Tomorrow, the last day in Unisel, I have 2 paper. ESL and Literature. Both are tough paper, killer ones. Gahhhh, how am I gonna survive through that?! 

Now, just spending the last day in Unisel because in the next sem, I'll not be living in Unisel anymore because they (Unisel people and other Uniselians aliens) are trying to make the hostel a better palce to live unlike now, full of unsafe places here. Well, what I'm sure here there's no emergency exit in case there's fire. There's only one staircase and that's not good. I think they have to reconstruct the whole hostel back again, like it suppose to 10 years ago. Making it more safer I guess. Good for the upcoming students though. We've already found a place to stay for semester 3 later and it is super big, totally a big house. I've already been to the house and didn't take any picture. I'll post about that house later.

What I'm gonna miss when leaving Unisel:
  • The sound of the dog barking and howling in he middle of the night
  • Snooping the guys playing futsal at the court
  • Getting drinks at the vending machine at night in PJ's 
  • Long walk to warung for dinner. Now just cafe
  • Jogging around the circle till late night
  • Star gazing at the lake
  • Meeting cute little Bella
  • Being goofy at night with housemates
  • Watching scary movies in Fawaa's room
  • The fast WiFi (ᅮ_ᅮ)
          That's about it but I think there's more, it's just that I don't remember. Well, just cherish the memories to myself then. 

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