Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Top 5

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List 5 present that you've always wanted
  1. A handmade bracelet
  2. Friendship necklace
  3. Enormous birthday card
  4. A video of me
  5. A scrapbook about me

The reason you choose that present
  1. I love bracelet
  2. I would like to have one
  3. Small birthday card are just too normal
  4. That would be awesome
  5. I like that

5 impressions towards your crush
  1. quietly observe him
  2. laugh at his jokes
  3. looking at him with smiley face 
  4. nervous talking to him
  5. will try to help him no matter what

5 cool thing you did
  1. Opening a door using a piece of card 
  2. Unlocking a lock using paper clip based on instruction at Google
  3. Wander around far away from home when i was fifteen with friends
  4. Tore a senior tie into half when i was thirteen 
  5. Solving additional math problem

5 creation that you like
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note
  3. Polaroid camera
  4. Internet
  5. Mp3 player

5 things that you hate 
  1. Food being wasted
  2. Marathon
  3. Dirty toilet
  4. Failed downloading
  5. Long speech

Tag 5 people
  1. Aeliyana
  2. Ejat
  3. R
  4. Ilham
  5. Paos

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