Tuesday, September 11, 2012

semester 1 break blogging day #2

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hey hey, people !
is day two blogging now
it's 11:30 pm right now and i feel lazy type much
le sista is now laying beside me, sleeping on the floor
my back is in pain because i'm not leaning on anything right now
wow! i just watch BTOB WOW teaser and it makes me smile

woke up at 8:30 am this time. early right ? my dad woke me up, again
wash my face, brush my teeth and no morning bath >.<
(i'm such a smelly girl, no morning bath)
it was a beautiful morning. it has been a while since i woke up that early
and i love it. breathing the fresh morning air
i hung up all the washed clothes. that's my daily routine when i'm at home
i was thinking of doing a vlog but 
"naahh! i look like a mess. i don't wanna people to me like this"
so, yeah! still no vlog. maybe later
had 'keropok lekor' and milo for breakfast (Google it if you don't know what is it)
(i was hoping for Hot In Cleveland but no, it was not on today)
been tumblr-ing all morning when suddenly it rains
spend almost an hour picking up all the clothes and the neighbor's clothes too
(i'm such a good neighbor) 

nothing much. still tumblr-ing. then my dad came back from his work
he's having lunch at home. i'm still in my pajama. felt stinky myself
dad was cool with it. i was like, "hey! i don't know you're coming home for lunch?"
then, continued tumblr-ing till 2:00 pm
(i didn't exercise at all this morning and i feel fat right now)

after freshen myself up, i went to pick le sista and cousin at BC's bus stop
while waiting le sista and cousin, i snapped a picture of myself
and accidentally met Chiyomella's mom, on her way to Banting
miss her (Chiyomella, not her mom). her sem break is next month
i'm all alone here enjoying my lonely sem break
while my diploma friends will be having their sem break next month. huhu
grab lunch at 3:30 pm. watched Victorious at 4:00 pm
(Cat, Tori and Beck ) it was the Sky Store episode
then, iCarly. the Food Fight episode
after that, BTR, the Bad Boy episode (still, Kendall )
and lil bit of Invincible Youth (korean variety show)

#NowPlaying Good Time - Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen
i like the 'woooohh' part. i'll woooohhh whenever the part come
still a boring night. had dinner. ouh, how i love fish :))
google for Bibimbap recipe. wanna try one
then le sista show me a book pamphlet. feel like to buy a book
i've decided to but two books (while i'm still rich :))
My Husband Got A Family, now at episode 3
gonna download the fourth episode tomorrow
planning to watch it starting next week

so, i guess that's just it. what i've been doing all day for today
okay, okay! chillax! i think i just wanna dance tomorrow
laterz @__@

semester 1 break blogging day #2 DONE!

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