Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chonny likes me ?!

Semester 1 Break blogging day #3
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hello \(^O^)/
i was at UniSEL, the university where i'm currently studying now, just chilling and stuff
i don't quite remember what exactly happened but i'll try to remember

the first think i remember is that i was showering with my housemates. NAKED!
YIKES! why am i showering with them naked but didn't felt embarrassed at all
i wonder why. i was with H and F in the bathroom
showering ourselves like there's no awkward moment
H hands were handcuff. weird ~

then, i was at a class. seems like we're learning something 
everyone was sitting with their boyfriend and girlfriend
but not me. i'm just sitting there. seeing them being lovey dovey and stuff
awkward much! then i saw Chonny. i looked and he was looking back 
with the DAFUQ-face. all i did was just shook my head 
and did a face like 'i dunno what's going on' face. it was so weird

then, all that i know Chonny and I were talking and  . . talking more
just talking randomly when i accidentally hit his head
i really didn't mean it. i was like "OMG! are you okay? i'm sorry. i didn't mean it"
i just dunno why i hit his head. he was all dizzy and going round and round

surprisingly, i ran away from him. why did i do that?
i just hit him and just leave him like that. where's my guilt?
he chased me and suddenly he asked
"Hey, what's your name?". "Anna, why?"
"Wanna be my girlfriend?". DAFUQ DID I JUST HEAR?!

and i just had to say no. dunno why though. he asked for my number
somehow i agree to be his girlfriend and then gave my number
but then, "hey, you live in Australia. how am i gonna contact you?"
"i'm still using my Malaysian number. its not gonna work here" 
(somehow were at Australia now -..-)

when he was about to answer me back
i woke up! i was a dream?!! 
it feels like real dude !
then i just smile like a silly person
that is definitely a dream that i'll never forget :)

p/s: i'm skipping the semester blogging thingy 
this one is much better that what i've done today

12 September 2012
before picking le sista and cousin from school

Semester 1 Break blogging day #3 DONE !

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