Thursday, November 24, 2011

in the middle of SPM2011

            oh my God ! i still can't believe that i'm in the middle of SPM 2011. wake up farhanajaffril! at 3.30 pm this day you just finished answering PHYSICS PAPER 3. don't you realised that ? you had answer BM, ENGLISH, SEJARAH, MATHEMATICS, P.ISLAM, ADDMATH and PHISYCS. whoa ! what a relief.

           now CHEMISTRY, LUKISAN KEJURUTERAAN and TEKNOLOGI KEJURUTERAAN  awaits you. so make sure i have to study hard and smart. my aim is to pass CHEMISTRY. and i  want to A's my LK and TK. hopefully going to that.

                 next week in tuesday i'm going to take the CHEMISRTY test so wish me a lots, lots, lots of luck! the most not eager paper. i just hope i pass that CHEMISTRY test. God's willing.

행운을 빌어줘

p/s:7A's in my small hand ! God's willing =)

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