Saturday, October 29, 2011



         this morning, my family went to Sunway Lagoon. the company where my dad works held a family day there. all of them went there without me because dad said that i need to study for this SPM. so i'm left all alone at home from morning until 6.00 pm late this evening.

          earlier before i called my mom saying that i'm incredible hungry. well she said she will bring home some food. if i'm not mistaken she bought me cheese sandwiches.about 6.00 pm they all safely arrived at home.

          unfortunately i'm not that hungry anymore. so i'm not interested of taking a peek at my cheese sandwiches. at 7.45 pm i'm starting to get hungry back. i went to the kitchen when i saw a wrapped food, i quickly take it away. assuming it was my sandwiches.

         i ate infront of the tv with my dad. he also took a bite at the sandwich. at first i did'nt notice it was a kebab. then i notice but i did'nt mind much. i just keep chewing the food after finishing it, i went straight back to my room. Angah was busy wacthing a few korean video at the laptop when suddenly. . .

           "nanti angah nak makan kebab". . .OMG! i think i ate the wrong one! and we argued and argued. at the end she's starting to hate me because i've ate her kebab that she's dying to eat.i'm so so sorry laaa!!!!

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