Thursday, June 2, 2011



           now i am currently listening to this song. slow but interesting. i love the part where they dance with their feet in the MV. quite interesting. i want to learn it but still i don't think i have time for that maybe next time after my big  exam.

Beast- Bad Girl (Japanese Version)

           i just discover this MV a few hour ago. the new version of Bad Girl MV in Japanese Version. when we (angah and i) discover this MV, angah was like crazy because she is so into Beast right now. every time Beast is on at the tv, she will quickly be in front of the tv just to watch them :P

p/s: because of her, i am also addicted to BEAST, , saranghaeyo DONGWOON oppa !


Nur Dania Batrisyia said...

ohmyyy ! B2ST <333

noeanna said...

yeah. . it's them . .