Friday, June 10, 2011

UKISS vampire

           during this holiday, i didn't do anything much or went anywhere fun just stuck in my house watching the television, listening to some music, surf the internet. there's one time i've decided to go to my friend's house but she not home and this one time where my friend and decided to go to Bukit Jugra but at last cancelled just because my other friend doesn't want to go. what a disappointment.

           while surfing the internet, i suddenly search UKISS  profile and i found out that they made a variety show called UKISS Vampire. the show was broadcast at last year. so it's still new. oh how much i'm loving them now. recently i have watched only 4 episodes

           i don't know when i'll be able to watched the other episodes because after the school holiday i'll be staying at the hostel for one whole month just for some activities that the administration of the hostel  has provide.

here is the first episode for UKISS Vampire
the rest episode ? find it yourself !

p/s:loving Shin Dong Ho more and more everyday =)

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