Sunday, May 15, 2011

when you're gone

really sure !

          the days feel like years when i'm without you. the words i need to hear to always get me trough the day and make it okey suddenly stops. i never felt this way before. everything that i do reminds me of you. do you see how much i need you right now.

           i felt really terrible doing this to you but you're the who made me do this. i felt really empty without you. my world does not shine as bright as sun shines the world when i'm with you. 

         everyday i watched you at your class. you look like nothing had happen between us. as if like you don't care about me anymore or i'm the one who doesn't bother to look at you anymore? i hope we can be like before. share everything together. 

          xxxxxmella, i miss you ;(

p/s: i really need her. . maybe ?


Anonymous said...

did u know that xxxxxmella is the best actress on this world although she not famous in industry of filming?

noeanna said...

not that xxxxxxmelaa. . my friend who is chiyomelaa. . :P