Thursday, May 24, 2018

Self-care Challenge

Day 1: Go for a walk alone
Day 2: Bake something
Day 3: Learn a new word
Day 4: No social media
Day 5: Get a facial
Day 6: Walk 10,000 steps
Day 7: Draw a picture
Day 8: Relax in a bath
Day 9: Colour a picture
Day 10: Buy something new for bed
Day 11: Go to bed early
Day 12: 30-second dance party
Day 13: Make a vision board
Day 14: Plant something
Day 15: Exercise
Day 16: Make a gratitude list
Day 17: Go on a self-date 
Day 18: Do a puzzle
Day 19: Watch the clouds
Day 20: Call someone
Day 21: No TV, just music
Day 22: Diffuse essential oil
Day 23: Meditate for 5 minutes
Day 24: Watch a TED talk
Day 25: Donate or volunteer
Day 26: Fall asleep to nature sound 
Day 27: Watch a favourite movie
Day 28: Have a cup of herbal tea
Day 29: Light candle or incense 
Day 30: Read a book 

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