Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Ultimate Cleanse Routine

So something shitty happened! Or has been happening! For a long time! Maybe you’ve had enough or your situation or made a bad decision. Whatever the case, new beginnings are needed or wanted. Never fear my friends, introducing the big ass cleanse routine.
This “routine” is a detailed list of ways to cleanse your life and soul. Complete all or some of these tasks over whatever period of time you need.

  • Cut your nails.
  • Delete old texts.
  • Wash your shoes.
  • Clean up your diet.
  • Donate old clothes.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Delete unneeded contacts. 
  • Clean up your herb supply.
  • Clean up your social media.
  • Change out your pillowcases.
  • Donate old books or materials.
  • Clean your sheets and clothes.
  • If your alter is messy, organize it.
  • Clean your room. Dust and purge.
  • If you can, run around in the rain.
  • Learn something and teach something.
  • Drink lots of water and eat lots of plants.
  • Clean pieces of jewelry that you wear often.
  • Delete unnecessary files on all your devices.
  • Cleanse your skin very well and treat yourself.
  • If you have a carpet, pour a mix of herbs and vacuum.
  • Move things around, furniture, items, plants, whatever.
  • Be as kind as you can to others throughout the cleanse.
  • Throw out or consolidate old bottles of lotion, perfume, ect.
  • Make a new playlist and delete old ones you no longer listen to.
  • Make sure your home is full of scents you enjoy. Light a candle or two.
  • Throw out old candles that are almost finished, or burn them until they are done.
  • Throw or reuse old pill bottles (sometimes i put crystal in mine or paint them)
  • Begin the process of renewing good relationships and removing yourself from bad ones. 
  • If a favorite tree or bush could use trimming, help provoke new growth by clipping off dead branches.
  • Burn shit. Just burn it. Write all the shit down on a piece of paper and safely burn the shit out of it. 
  • Don’t eat anything processed/junk food for as long as you feel necessary. (Try to stick to plant based meals if you can)
  • Take a shower or bath and use a scrub to gently get rid of old dead skin. (I use a home made Sugar, Honey, and Rosemary mix) 

🐤 source : boneprinces tumblr

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