Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Movie // Love Everlasting

I've been wanting to watch this since the day Lucky announced it on his instagram! And now I just finished watching this movie (like literally just finished, right after the movie ended I straight away write this post haha).

The intro was kinda slow for me. I was lying on my bed in my room and was like waiting for something interesting to happen but nahh, things just move slowly. The only thing that keeps me holding on to this movie was just Lucky. It was so nice to see him with his blue eyes and icy blonde hair. I was pretty excited when listening to him talking because I usually just looked at his pictures and never really heard him talking before, so that kinda excites me. One thing for sure, he looked so tall and skinny. I like the fact that he is tall but the skinny part was kinda off for me. I like it if he has a little bit of muscle in him but there's nothing I can do. I just have to adore his blue eyes then :)

Points I give for this movie:
  1. Lucky Blue Smith in it (obviously cuz he's hot)
  2. Being able to watch Lucky acting and showing different expression aside from just model pictures.
  3. Although it's a slow movie but it almost gave me tears but I held myself pretty well.
  4. I think it's the right ending (I don't want to spoil it but sometimes when the movie is already sad, just skip the happy ending)
  5. He kissed her (Clover) and I'm in love !
  6. It's a sad movie that's health related (death included) which I will probably watch again if I needed to cry. 
I'm hoping to see more of Lucky in the movie screen in the future. 

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