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Death Of A Cat : Milo

A couple of years ago, I posted about a cat funeral. It was the first time I'm in the situation where death came and took the life out of my cat and I just don't know what to do and so I wrote up all my experience in that post. Along those 2 years, our house keeps on getting new cats visiting and somehow decided to stay. It's like our house is the protection house for the stray cats. My parents don't mind about it and eventually they took good care of them. There was a time where we pet around 18 cats all together (adult cat and kittens). Lucky for the cats, my dad willingly bought cat food for them, like literally fish from the market and also cat biscuits. 

A walk down to cat memory lane

Within 2 years, after Wicky's death, Mary gave birth to a lot of kittens besides Ricky and Mickey. I also forget to mention that Opie and Oneng were also Mary's child. Unfortunately, during the first year of Wicky's death, Mary couldn't keep a good care of all her newborn kittens and they all died. So, for 2015 we only had Mary(mother of cats) and her children; Opie(big sister), Oneng(older brother) and Ricky and Micky (twins). 

A year after that (2016), our cat family grew bigger. 3 stray cats came along our doorstep and decided to stay; Zombie, Bob and Julie. Not long after that Micky gave birth and all her babies died and so did her (not because of giving birth but eventually after that; probably due to stress because of the death of her children). It was a sad moment because we all love Micky dearly but we just have to face the fact she's gone to cat heaven, to be with her children. So, she died. 

Mary and Opie gave birth to some more kittens and Ricky taking over the cat kingdom at our house. Then came another alpha male trying to taking over the kingdom, we call him Gemuk. Ricky and Gemuk would fight all night trying to prove who's the best and Ricky always ends up getting badly injured. My dad was so worried. On another side of the story, Opie did gave birth two beautiful kitten but one was snatched away by dogs, so the remaining one (we called him Nyomot) was the most loved one in the house. He didn't lived inside the house but he got my dad permission to access the house whenever he wants. He also sometimes stay over for the night and sleep on the couch. I love him very much just as all of us does. He's good friend with Zombie too. They would constantly play together, inside or outside the house. 

Now, talking about zombie. He was so hideous when he came to us. His body was skinny and his face was somewhat looked like someone just punch him in the face and got bloody and stuff. So, that's why we call him Zombie (actually it was my dad but we eventually just keep on calling him that because he respond to it). But it was all temporarily, he got healthier and beautiful, his fur is as white as snow as I could recall.  

Okay, going back to the cat fight story. Because Gemuk was constantly fighting with Ricky, one day he was gone. He went together with Oneng and Nyomot. It was mother first realized that Nyomot haven't gone back home in one week already and we're getting worried. Then, dad said they migrate to a new place to find a new kingdom. I felt so sad because when he went, I didn't even got a chance to play with him for the last time. So, Gemuk wins and got his territory. Now, he made Mary, Opie and Julie pregnant and the babies were out. I don't know how much for each cat but the only surviving kittens were Mary's 4 kittens, Julie's 2 kittens and 1 for Opie because she ate another one. 

Down here I have listed all the cats that have/had accommodate our house. The name that I bold is for the cat that are still here with us, the one with * is a newborn (without name). The rest is either dead or MIA. 

Milo's Death

Happy Feet

If Milo was still alive and healthy, she would have looked like this. 

I'm not sure whether Milo is a female or a male but I have strong instinct it's a female. It's still the holiday for me so I woke up very late, it's the afternoon. I showered and took my late breakfast and right about 1pm, I have to go fetch my brother and cousin from school. As I went to the car, I took a glance at the cat cage (my dad build a DIY cat cage inside the open garage) and saw a cat hand just hanging down from the cage. I looked closer and saw Milo looking dead. I totally panic and kepr on repeating saying, "No, no, no, no, no, nooooooo" and I might have poke her a little bit and when I saw trying to meow liltte bit, I knew she was in pain. I quickly fetch my brother and cousin and told my brother that Milo is going to die and asked him to check upon her. Mom was at town buying some groceries, so she still doesn't know about the news. I asked my brother to take her out and put her aside to another cage just by herself and that was the last I saw of her because I know sooner or later she's gonna die and I dan't want to witness that. As soon as mom came back, I told her about Milo condition and she went to see her. She was shocked to her like that because in the morning she said Milo was still fine aside that she refused to eat. Mom keep on asking us to give her some more water and Alang (my sister) told us to give her some medicine (she's not home right now, this was through Whatsapp messenger). My brother did gave water and medicine but unfortunately, Milo left us. We wasn't there when she passes away but we were near. My brother quickly prepare himself for the funeral and burried her properly near to the garage. So, now whenever I want to go and meet the cats, I will see Milo's grave. You will be missed Milo. Although I have never played with you because I was busy working, you are still a cat that we all adore. RIP Milo 2016-2017.

* Wonders of cat story *
It was already late at night, somewhere around 11pm and mother asked me to find Mary and Julie to let them into the house so that they could stay in with their kittens. So, I venture out of my house trying to find them. I yelled loud their names, "Mary! Julie!" but nothing. I tried making the. .  whisker sound? I don't know what you call it and then I saw Mary walking from the back of my house which was super dark at that time but it did not gave me jump scare cuz I'm at my house, nothing scares me. I'm safe, you know it. Okay, then I lure Mary to get into my house. I told mother that Julie was nowhere to be seen and she asked me to look some more and so I did. I went out again and this time heading straight to the back of my house which was so dark at the moment. I yelled softly for her name, "Juuuulieeeee . . . ". Yep, no answer. I check around the house and got nothing, I didn't see her. I went back inside and thinking maybe she's inside already together with her kittens. Nope, she's not there. I search in each corner of my house and there was no sign of her. And then it struck me, what if I open the back door, will she come? (the back door is screw and make a big ass noise). The moment I opened the door, guess what I saw? I saw a pure white cat jumping over the grass trying to catch a flying butterfly in the dark. It was by far the most wonderful thing I  have ever seen for now. And then I yelled her name and she quickly ran towards me and into the house. That's right, good pussycat. Go be with your children. The end. 

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