Sunday, March 20, 2016

Exploring // Volunteering At Zoo Negara

I woke up around 5 am and tried to force myself to get ready before 6 am because I got to be at Unisel before 6 am for the students registration. Unfortunately, I was quite late as I got there around 6.10 am but most of students were still not in. So, we waited for them and the bus. Right about 6.20 am, the bus left Unisel. I didn't went by bus, I went together with my housemates by her car. We arrived at the zoo at 7.30 am and quickly bought the entry ticket for volunteer and the zoo staff divided the students according to their task. I didn't do any zoo work because I was the photographer. Photographer can't do zoo work, so my job was just to take pictures of the students doing their work. I expect it to not be a tiring thing to but boy was I wrong as my leg felt wobbly and hurt after doing three round walking touring the zoo trying to find those students volunteering doing their work which I could not find as their work were behind the scene work. The highlight of this trip was seeing the panda. I was so excited at first but once I saw my baby, he didn't even move! I was devastated as I didn't got to see any panda action and also the baby. Me iz sad. Anyway, it was a tiring day and I'm hoping the pictures turned out good as I'm not a professional.   

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