Sunday, March 13, 2016

Certain Event // The First Time As Head Of Program

Twas it was the second week of March and I was given the responsibility to run a formal program under a club where I joined last year in May 2015. I was made as the head of program and it scared the shit outta me. Basically it was my first time ever trying to run a program, a formal program and in the end it didn't suck, thank god. I had never considered myself a leader at the moment as I was comfortable being a follower in the club but the president of the club though differently of course and he made me to do this. When I was given the task to run this, I thought it would be cool since I have zero experience and I thought to myself how hard it could be.

In the beginning I was so clueless, I really didn't know what to do but yet I did nothing and I thought the president would guide me. So I waited and waited until the for the update meeting. I have nothing to present as I obviously did nothing. And he was like, WTF Your program will be running in another two weeks time and you still had not done anything yet? After knowing that, he quickly guide me. To be honest, I'd never thought I would struggled with it as at the moment, my supervisor turned down my third topic for my thesis paper and my other lecturer was so anxious thinking I might be repeating doing thesis for next semester. I don't want to repeat! I have to graduate, get a job and earn some money for vacation.

After a while, I got stressed out. So I turned my head to the president and cried my ass off saying how stressed I am and how I am done trying to put up with this thing. He calm me down while I was crying over the phone and he told me he would help me. I felt relieved because he was willing to help as the program was due in less than a week and there I was having a mental breakdown, crap.

Push forward on the day of the program, I felt like as if I'm in a rush as everything was still not done. It was 2.00 pm, I still haven't got the key to room we're going to use and I had to wait for one hour in front of the faculty for it. Around 3.00 pm, my friend arrived with the key but unfortunately there were a group of student having class in that particular room. Therefore, we cannot start cleaning and preparing the room as we have to wait for the class to be over. To cut this story short, we start cleaning and preparing from 4.30 pm until 7.15 pm. Safely to say my program did great, it's just that I didn't feel great. Anxious was with me all the time. Luckily it ended well.

This program was formerly known as Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Melayu (PMM) and now it is Perjumpaan Ahli GPMS Dan Mahasiswa Unisel. This is where students will gather and get to know what our club is all about and what we stand for. More like of an introduction for the students of Unisel. It was held at MQA Room, FESS, Unisel on 9th March 2016.

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