Monday, January 11, 2016

Song // Life Is Worth Living

I got back to Unisel for the new semester today. Somehow I can't seem to get to sleep right now so I scroll around YouTube and came across Justin Bieber's songs. It has been a while since I last heard his songs. I click the music video Purpose and I liked it because he was in there. I like him :)  The song was fine. He is such a dreamy and I like it that he's blonde.

Then I click the next music video, Life Is Worth Living. It started with a calm sound of piano and then followed by his voice. When he started singing, I instantly closed my eyes and just try to grasp all the melody heard. This song gave me a bucketful of emotions. I felt like crying but I'm smiling. At a moment there, this song touched my heart and it felt like hearing someone comforting me with singing a song which is this song. All I can say this song is beautiful and I can't stop listening to it.

Although there have been nasty rumours about Justin but still I love his voice especially the song Life Is Worth Living. I am pretty sure he had his reasons for behaving certain ways at that moment. I mean humans are not perfect and he is human, so expect lest perfection from him. I know he is trying his best doing the right thing for himself and trying to correct all the wrong doings of his past behaviours. Just let him live the way he is happy with. When he is happy, I hope he sings more so that I can always continue listening to his voice singing different songs in the future.

Thank you, Justin :)

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