Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just Another Bad Day

It was supposed to be a lazy Tuesday but unfortunately it turns out to be slightly a bad day for me.

I woke up around 10 am and stayed lying on my bed until 11 am Facebook-ing and just merely looking through the media social. When the clock strike 11 am, I knew I had to go shower immediately as I still haven't finish with my assignment which was due at 3 pm that day. I tried to finish it before 3 pm and I did it! Kudos to me. Lunch was just simple; I had chicken and rice and then at 2 pm, off I got to my lecturer's office to hand in my assignment. I got back home after that but I have to go back to Unisel as I have to meet a friend regarding some paper works and forms. So, I went upstairs to my room and grabbed the form and went back to Unisel and heading to the hostel.

FYI, it was raining at the moment. At the main entrance, I suddenly realized that there was a motorcycle behind me and keep honking. I decided to ignore it because I don't think the honking was for me, so I just drove off to the hostel. I parked right beside my friend's car and we decided to just exchanged the forms through the car window when suddenly a random aunty (which I assumed was working as a guard because she's wearing a uniform) came right beside my car at the passenger seat. I rolled down the window and then, there she was shouting to me like there's no tomorrow. She was mad because I drove too fast and splashed her when I ran to a sudden puddle. It was never really my intention to splash her. As a matter of fact I didn't even realized which puddle. Turns out she's the one who's riding the motorcycle and been honking me at the main entrance. At first I felt sorry for her but then there's no need to make it a big of a deal. It was already raining for god sake, are you really expecting your clothes to be dry as fuck? You'd be totally wet of course.

What a makcik she is. I am done dealing with her. As people used to say, first impression matter the most and that makcik had tear her image in front of me. I have nothing to say to you makcik as what can be say may hurt your feeling and cut your heart into tiny pieces of flesh. So, have a pleasant day in the future, makcik.

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