Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When you're too happy

Have you ever feel like suddenly you're happiness just comes out of nowhere? Well that happened to me a while ago.

Today was awful I guess. I woke up around 11 in the morning, almost to noon actually. I laid back in my bed for a while and checked instagram and facebook. Up until 12, I quickly go showered because I have to meet up for discussion later with my friends. It's exams week but still, I got unfinished assignment *sigh. I had lunch and went straight to meeting. The discussion took almost the entire evening. I got exam tomorrow and I still haven't study anything on it and I was getting worried because the discussion took longer time than I expected but it's all good. I got to exchanged notes with my friends, that's nice.

Around 8 o'clock, I started to type back all the notes I got from them. I tried to organized the for clearer vision and for my own comfort. At first I felt very enthusiast to start studying for tomorrow's paper but then the feeling started to fade away and away. I felt bored and lazy. Right about 10 o'clock, Rozi Darlis texted me. It's time for dinner! Yeahhhh. We went dinner for around one hour and on our way back, I felt very hyper, like hyper hyper, SUPER HYPER! Maybe I just miss him because we're kinda busy during this exam week and haven't been able to hang and do stuff. Yeah, maybe it's that. After sending him off, on my way back to my house, I felt really ALIVE! I don't even think I had that much of sugar today but it just happened.

And then it just hit me, what if this hyper happiness means something? Usually they say, when you're too happy, you will cry in the next day. Arghhh, I don't want to feel sad tomorrow. So, I stopped screaming my happiness out and controlled it. Darn, I really hope nothing bad will happen tomorrow.


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