Monday, December 14, 2015

I get all tongue tied explaining // Movie list

It's been ages since my last post. I swear I wanted to post more but due to the hectic life as a student, I kinda got tied up to assignments, hanging out with friends and much more. To give you update, I am currently at my final exam's week. One paper down, 4 more to go. I got a long gap between the first paper and the second one and guess what?! I didn't even used the gap time filled with studying but I've been watching movies, LIKE 10 FREAKING MOVIES! What the heck Noeanna, where's you manner in contributing at your final week. Dang it, I should be ashamed of myself *covers face*.

Here, I give you the list of movies I've been watching instead of studying:

  1. Twenty (korean)
  2. The Final Girls (just because of Taisaa Farmiga)
  3. The Martian  (I wanted to know how he survived! ON MARS!!)
  4. It Follows (this was stupid but a bit creepy, I guess the ghost was just horny)
  5. Jessabelle  (It was okay)
  6. 13 Sins (whhhhyyyyy ?!!?!!)
  7. VS Fashion Show 2015 (it's not a movie but still though, it took for almost one hour of my time)
  8. We Are Your Friends (just because of Zac Efron)
  9. American Ultra (kinda awesome when you suddenly realize that you're a killing machine!)
  10. Crimson Peak (mehhhhh)
I got nothing much to say. I got papers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Gotta study, baii :)

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