Thursday, August 6, 2015

Movie // Mission : Impossible - Rogue Nation

This is not really what I wanted to see when I plan to go to the mall today. I want to watch Papertown actually but the ticket were all sold out. Why??!! So I had to watch this with Angah because she insisted. When the movie started, I did not even put my mind to focus during the movie because all I ever wanted to watch on that day was only Papertown. 

But later on, the motorcycle scene caught my heart. They looked so cool and awesome in a good kinda way. I totally fell in love with the motorbike but I still think it is too dangerous. I can ride but not that kind of bike. Basically, the bike looks cool and I would love to ride it WHILE WEARING HEELS! 

Overall, the movie was nice. I'd give it 8/10 cuz it made me react like a bunch of times. The worst part that I cannot handle to watch was when Ethan Hunt had to dive into the profile place and had to hold his breath for 3 effing minutes without any oxygen supply. It was the worst and they gave me goosebumps during that scene.

Anyway, I brought back and ate a McDonald's double cheeseburger and got a happy tummy here. But I still wanna watch Papertown! Workout session day 4 is still going on. I made some time for some workout session. It was just a quick session, well at least I keep em' going and hoping it will keep on going until I reach my limits. 

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