Friday, August 7, 2015

I dream he cheats on me

It was the weekend and Ogie and I were staying at my house for some reason. We were in the bedroom just hanging out on the bed. He was very sweet and kept teasing me a lot. I like it when he's like that. I loved the way he played with my hair. I can already felt his love. . . feeling showered by all his love to me. Makes me feel that I am special to him. As if I am the luckiest girl to have him by my side. He kisses my cheek softly and played with my nose gently. It was by far the happiest moment I had ever had with him. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, came Zati to our house. And for some unexplained reason, Ogie decided to go out with Zati and unfortunately I can't tag along because I have to study for some test and something something. So, I just stayed home trying to study but my mind seems can't focus because I know he is out there with another woman and I really cannot stand that. 

It was almost late in the evening and he still have not returned yet. I was getting a little worried and yet a bit curious. Where could they have gone to? I tried calling but he left his phone here. Then, I tried calling his badminton club's friends and asked them to look for him.

Eventually they found him. Quickly I went to meet him. As I was getting closer, I could see that he was not in good condition. He looked like he was beaten up but by who? He said he got ambushed by Azrul and his friends while he and Zati were taking a walk by the lake. I just sit there watching him talking and explaining to his friends of the incident. He got bruises all over his body and yet I could still see some blood from his wound. 

After they left, we walked home together. While walking, I asked him why did he brought Zati to the lake and why can't I go to the lake with him? He said it is dangerous for me to go to the lake as I am afraid of the water and he just simply said I can't go there. I was furious. Then I said "What if I want to go there too? Have you ever ask before? What makes Zati so special that you can take her there while I'm your girl but yet you cannot take me there. Even worst, that was your first time going there and it was with her!".

I ran back to the house feeling upset. I throw away both my shoes before getting into the house with tears in my eyes. It just hurts me. I feel pain. A moment before, we were so much in love and the not long after that he was already with another woman. Apparently, Zati was Azrul's girl for some reason and that's why they beat him up. I felt sorry for him because he got beaten up but at the same time I was in pain too. Feeling misery inside of myself. I just kept on crying. 

I suddenly woke up. Waking up in the morning feeling sad was the worst thing ever. Thank God I was not crying although I really did cried my eyes out in that dream. Not a single time wasted, I quickly texted Ogie telling him about my dream and he said it was foolish. There is no way he could do that, he said. Well, that takes all my worries away :)

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