Thursday, April 10, 2014

On my own

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The past few weeks I have been ordering the same food every night. Reason ? Because both of my friend went out. So, what for dinner then ? I've got to eat. Well, I guess I'll just order then. I really feel they've been out almost all night and left me all alone in the house. I feel deserted. Like a lot deserted. 

Another thing is Ogie's not giving me the attention that I needed. I just dunno what's happening right now. Maybe we just got too busy preparing ourselves for finals. I miss him. Though we're so close yet I still feel him far away from me. 

I love you, Ogie

Books and papers

Here I am lying on my bed writing this post. I've been more lazier everyday to keep updating this blog. Not because I'm too busy, I'm just lazy. Too much laziness. I got a lot of things to do actually but I keep on delaying it. I'm doing my best right now to procrastinate. Urgh procrastination, why you inside of me ? 

Semester 2 has been so great. Unfortunately, it's getting to an end. Finals is just around the corner; in two weeks time. Piles of assignments to be submitted before semester breaks, lots of study to be done and I got a lot of time to do all of that actually. But laziness comes every time, everyday. Damn you, laziness.

I got my MARA already and now my pocket is full of 5k. I'm still keeping it inside. Future saving hehe. Ogie got himself an iPad mini. Fawaa got herself an iPad mini too and iPhone 5s. So does Rafe too (just the 5s tho) while I'm just stuck with my Samsung Mega. I really would want an iPhone but maybe later. I still love my mega elephant :).

There's this one weird sick roommate we got. She's married with one child. I don't like her. She's full of shit. I hate her. She's stupid. Everybody in the house don't like her. 

Fawaa's birthday is just a few days left. I need a birthday pranks master plan. I need Mr Google's help. I hope there's flour and feather haha. Definitely a cake is needed. What's a birthday without a cake :)

Ogie and I, we're getting nearer to our happy one year/12 months. I can't wait ! 21 April ! The day I've been waiting for hihi. I've planned for a nice date on 20 April as it's on Sunday but I dunno if that's gonna work because I have Mandarin oral test Monday morning; our happy one year day ! uhukkss

Arghh need to study. Okay bye