Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Awake & Updates

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It's 4:37 am and I'm the only one that's still awake. I've not been posting for two months already without me realizing. It's the usual reason here; busy with school and life. 2014 is coming in just a few days and I still haven't cross many of my 2013 resolutions. Well that sucks. Two months is quite a long time and lots of things happened. Now is semester 1 break and I only got 3 weeks. I wanna write more but I am just too lazy right now. Probably I'm getting tired and sleepy. Well, it's almost 5:00 am who's not sleepy ? I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but because I drank too much coffee I can't sleep. Got my sleepy mood and going to sleep. Goodnight.

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