Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's going on ?

Hey there my blog. There's me with tissues all over my face. The pretty girl right next to me is Haifaa. Well . . I haven't blog about my life since a while. A lot  had happened actually if you must know. So, how to begin, ehh ? Let's start with 8 March 2013 shall we :)

8 March 2013
My friends got into an accident on this day, I am pretty sure it's bad but luckily everyone is save. The story begin when they (Pali, Baa, Acap, Naim) decide to go to Tengi river that evening. Just a few friends trying to enjoy the beautiful evening soaking in the cool river water and eventually end up in the hospital later that night. They went with Pali and like usual, he likes to drive fast; as fast as he can. Unfortunately while on the straight road, came across a big big lizard and as he was trying to avoid it, he press the gas and went to the other side of the road. The road was a bit slippery. So, the car slip away and hit a tree then roll over into a big gully. The car is pretty much badly damage and I can say Pali had lost her (the car). That poor little guy. Anyway, thank God that everyone is fine except for Baa who suffer a lil bit of injuries from the accident. Hope he'll get well soon.

24 MARCH 2013
It was barbecue day ! Since we (me,Sera, Haifaa, Jaz, Fawaa, Nadia) are neighbours with them (the boys next door), why not have barbecue time ehh ? I think they just came up with it randomly and just go on with. As much as I don't like chicken, I did eat A PIECE of chicken. I can't say it was barbecue nor it was grill. Well, at least I ate one. There's pictures. A lot of pictures but I'm totally not gonna fill 'em up in here. Maybe just a few. It was a chicken-full night plus with all of the entertainment. A fun night it is I shall say. Nothing much to say more. Ohh, and in the end all of them left off and leaving me, Jaz, Rozie, Naim and Ash. I tried to play games to put off the boredom to myself but got Rozie keeps on messing around making me lost in the game. Jaz was persuaded by an evil guy. He told her not to come to class. Ohh, dear Ash, why don't you like going to class ? and as far as I remember Naim was also encouraging Jaz to not to come too. GUYS =_=

I'm currently busy with piles of assignments and musical and class performance for the language exhibition at 8 April 2013.  Next week, for the whole week, they cut off all the classes just to make us prepare for the musical performance and other stuff. What worse is I have to face 4 massive assignment after that. Got presentation after that, debate for Public Speaking class, journal to read and ohh, make a simple greeting card. Wait, that one sounds easy. Okay, only 3 massive assignment. 

It's 5:14 am in the morning and I think I'm going to knock out by 7 am where people rise in the morning and I'm just starting to get some sleep. Typical me, so much for sleepy early for this year I guess. Well then, it's sleep time. Goodnight me :)

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