Saturday, March 16, 2013

Invade my privacy.

How tall are you - I'm 5'4 tall
Do you smoke - no.
Do you drink - no.
Do you take drugs - no.
Age you get mistaken for - 20 years old
Have tattoos - no.
Want any tattoos - yes.
Got any piercings - yes.
Best friends - there's a lot
Do you like anyone - yes but I'm trying to stop liking him now
Top 5 favourite bands - Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, MCR, Fall Out Boys, Bunkface
Top 5 favourite songs - Mama, That's what you get, Ballad of Mona Lisa, Talking to the moon, It will rain

A little bit from me :
there's so much to write, so many things had happened but my laziness keep on coming and taking me away from blogging. I wish I could write often. By the way, that guy up there is cuteeeee and blondeeee mihihihi. Hmm, catch ya later then. 

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