Friday, September 21, 2012

look at me

Semester 1 Break blogging day #10

i wish i could wear dress

i wish i could wear dress by noeanna featuring short cocktail prom dresses

been at Polyvore and doing random editing but i really wish to wear dress
they're beautiful and cute

$62 -

$125 -

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Healthy Glowing Skin Remedy

Semester 1 Break morning blogging day #9

alternative, beautiful, beautiful girl, blue eyes

morning, random peeps! i've just did that healthy glowing skin remedy by Bubz
and my skin feels fresh. gonna do it again tomorrow
here's a simple picture step i took from the video above
in case you're too lazy to watch it :))

pick your fruit

all you need are the fruit you choose, natural yogurt and lemon (if you wanna)
it's a simple and fun way to make your skin healthy :))
try it. thank you Bubz

Monday, September 17, 2012

garden city

Semester 1 Break blogging day #8

self camera time

le sista weird face #sending her back to her boarding school

smile for the camera 

love this plant at first sight

this thing will be in the to buy list #totally cute >.<

so many colour. like !

indeed i do love yellow flower

and mom bought me the yellow flower #happy and loving my mom

le first cool blog. mine is blueberry

and it tasted so sweet >.<
went to send le sista back to her boarding school
then, mom went to the City Garden flower shop at Banting
lastly, stop by at Econsave to buy Cool Blog

the end of Semester 1 Break blogging day #8

Sunday, September 16, 2012

last day of Eid

Semester 1 Break blogging day #7

hello, readers!
here's the story for today. so, some of my relatives came visiting today because it's the last day of Eid
we just tidy up the house. clean this clean that. make the house a bit tidy 

this is our unofficial cat. i call her Kucing. we don't really pet her 
but we just let her run around the house and she is allowed to come and go into the house
when she was a baby, my dad took good care of her. bathing her, giving her cat food and etc
but now she's a bit grown up and she's kinda lovable. i just dunno how to describe her
i wish i could pet her properly. stay strong Kucing :))

Semester 1 Break blogging day #7 DONE ! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Domino's Pizza Hut

Semester 1 Break blogging day #6


at first, we decided to eat at Domino's but it was crowded and full
i did'nt know Banting people love Domino's so much -..-
so, we just had dinner at Pizza Hut

and bought a few random stuff. can't wait to use it \(^o^)/

i didn't blog for the #4 and #5 day. it's just the same old things i did just like the other day 
anyway, thanks, if you have reach this part means you have read (or just looking at the pictures) all of this post
just, thank you :))

Semester 1 Break blogging day #6 DONE !