Sunday, September 16, 2012

last day of Eid

Semester 1 Break blogging day #7

hello, readers!
here's the story for today. so, some of my relatives came visiting today because it's the last day of Eid
we just tidy up the house. clean this clean that. make the house a bit tidy 

this is our unofficial cat. i call her Kucing. we don't really pet her 
but we just let her run around the house and she is allowed to come and go into the house
when she was a baby, my dad took good care of her. bathing her, giving her cat food and etc
but now she's a bit grown up and she's kinda lovable. i just dunno how to describe her
i wish i could pet her properly. stay strong Kucing :))

Semester 1 Break blogging day #7 DONE ! 

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