Saturday, April 21, 2012

i found him !

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FACEBOOK ! facebook found him for me. Viva ! i was like 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! found him. his facebook !' i can't stop smiling right now. the first thing i look was the age. he didn't put his age there. all there was just he's the class of 2007 in a school. from my guessing, he could be between 18-22 years old. such a young age! 18 years old is me! i sound like a stalker right now. when i looked again, he is so not my type but . . ( i'm blank ) whatever. i just like him . no, like him ? maybe a little bit. not too much. i'm saving my like to someone that is really my type. yeah !

Viva makes me smile in the middle of the night

Friday, April 20, 2012

crush at VIVA

adorable, amazing, beautiful, boy, cap

i don't know his name. so i just call him Viva because his car is Viva. a black Viva car.i met him not too long ago. met him at a school i went a few weeks past. he's kinda cool. always with his sunglasses and cap on. everyday, he will always wear white jeans. i think it's kinda his style. 

sunglasses + cap + white jean = Viva guy

at first, i didn't really notice him. but after three weeks at that school, i start growing my likes towards him but at the same time denying my feeling because he's totally out from my list ( my kinda boy ). it's just that, there's something interesting in him. i don't know what but i can just feel it. but i know that he probably will never notice me. in fact, i will never be able to see him again ( well, i could if i go to that school. if i wanna

my study at that school is over. curious what school that is ? driving school meh ! heee. he's kinda the instructor/teacher. maybe ? i don't know. a one cool instructor. he teaches people like me ( which that is the one who don't know how to drive a car ) hee but he didn't teach me. i'm with another instructor. from my guess, he's 20 and above. maybe.

he's quite tall but a bit skinny. not too much skinny. he always wears white jean, wears a cap and a pair of sunglasses. that look sometimes make my day there. just waiting my turn for my driving lessons. but now that i passed the driving test, so no more Viva guy. i wish him good luck in his life.

just some memories recap:

17/3/2012 Tuesday
i saw him with his friend. talking about something. then they got into a car. two different car and went off somewhere. i was sitting at the canteen. tiredly sitting my but off. they drove passed the canteen. when he was about to pass through the canteen, i kinda saw him looking. i don't know if the looking was for me or i'm just overexcited or maybe he just coincidentally had to look at that way ( toward at me. i barely see his eyes because of the sunglasses he's wearing ). 

not long after that, they came back. so i'm guessing they send one of the car to get repair. maybe. then, his friend park the car right in front of me ( not really. the canteen was an open place. so, basically the canteen is just beside the road ) he came out from the car and i think he's looking at me again ( once again, the sunglasses ! can't really see where he's looking at ) i tried to look at him but then i looked away. i'm like whatever. nothing to do with me. i tried to calm myself. 

after a few long minutes sitting there, my instructor called. it's time to go home. at that driving school, the instructor picks you up and send you home too. about the time i got into the car ( i sat at the front. so comfy ), then he walked by. my instructor yelled "bye ! bye ! we're going home" yeah something like that. suddenly, with his hands up, he said "bye ! bye ! bye !" too. three times. quite shocking. but good memories to remember.

18/3/2012 Wednesday
came at the school a little bit late. well, it just that too many people the instructor have to pick up ( luckily i'm the first one he picks up. once again sit comfy at the front seat ). arrived at 9 am. i peek at the parking place. hmmm, no Viva's car. he's still not here yet. people starting to crowd the place. i will get tired if sits too long in the morning. i decided to walk to the toilet. then, daydreaming. 'what if when i was walking to the toilet then Viva arrive with his car. then he suddenly stop his car and start looking at me. ahh, heaven much. like that would happen'. whatever it is, i went to the toilet. walking while listening to F.E.M Like A G6. walked with style as if everybody was looking at me.

when at the toilet, i don't know what tot do. just fixes myself up. i have to pay 20 cent to go to the toilet. what a waste. i didn't even pee. walking slowly again. just enjoying the morning fresh air. then i saw Viva's car ! yeah ! my daydreaming ! came true. well, not all of it. he just drove passed me. i can see he's wearing his cap and sunglasses as usually and he's wearing a dark shirt. i truly enjoyed that moment.

when my lessons was over, i waited for my instructor as usual at the canteen. a cute cat was sleeping soundly at the waiting chair. i love cats. so, played with the cat to kick out the boredom while observing Viva from far ( hehe, such a stalker ). then he takes a break at the canteen. i can't really hear what he's talking about with his friends because i stuffed my ears with earphone listening music from my Apple. well, i just forget about him for a while and concentrating playing with the cat. then, he's starting screaming " ADNAN ! ADNAN!" people keep staring at him and he screams louder while looking at the cat i guess ( the cat always got pampered by him ). probably the cat's name is ADNAN. OMA, i played with his cat. i just kept on playing with the cat. hee.

19/3/2012 Thursday
last day at the school. got to pass this driving test so that i can start driving my own car on the road. i don't see Viva anywhere. he's probably busy because it's a busy day. so many people taking the test. about 100 i guess or more. after passed the test ( thank you my Allah ! ) i went to the toilet to fix my messy self up. i saw his car. then, lucky me, i saw his friend and other instructor were hanging out at a room beside the canteen ( if you go to the toilet, you will walk pass by the room ). my excited rate came as high as it could. when i walk back, i could see him was standing at the door talking with some of his friends and my heart smile :) after that, i tried to look for him but failed. apparently, he went out to get lunch with his friends. that's when i saw him drove in with his friends. coming out from the car looking so cool with the sunglasses and the cap. that was the last time i saw him. no more Viva guy from now on.

yes, i like you VIVA 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i need a boy

.just waiting the right guy. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Movie // The Pregnancy Pact


so today i was fasting. away from the foods and drinks. becoming energy-less. no energy actually. just stuck myself in my room. youtubewalking. searching movies to watch. yeah ! i watched movies at youtube. who cares. i'm too lazy to go to the cinema ? no, just don't have the time. busy ? not at all. it just that nobody's free to take me there. everybody's busy with their works and jobs. 

The Pregnancy Pact

watch this at youtube. just some random movie i guess. after watching it, i know that i don't wanna get pregnant at a young age. yeah !

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Movie List // Random March
my type of guy. blonde. looks nice when he wears anything. asian. 

random movies that i watched last March
1. Ombak Rindu ( Malaysian movie )
2. Klip 3gp ( Malaysian movie )
3. Sleepover ( teen chick movie )
4. The Hot Chick ( i used to watched this when i was little. ing the 'Billy' character )
5. Adnan Sempit 2 ( Malaysian movie, sorry don't have the link )
6. Seafood ( Malaysian animation movie, watched it at the cinema with family of course )

chonny GIF





Monday, April 2, 2012

StillNotDavid re-blogged my GIF image of him !!

totally unexpected. i bet he love it. yeah me ! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

getting to know Rikeh

picture from Rikehtube Official

1. what country that you really like to visit ?

2. what is your favorite thing about your sisters ?
    APRIL - have more stuff in common
    LYNDI - she more popular and more inspiring
    CLAIRE - wiser

3. if you had a superpower, what should it be ?
    be invisible

4. if you can be a Pokemon, what Pokemon will you be ?

5. where are you from ? and is Bubbi a good sister ?
    i was born and raised at Northern Ireland
    Bubbi . . she alright

6. if you was going to get a tattoo, what would it be ?
    and what is your favorite band and artist ?
    i'm going to get a tattoo soon ( at this time he already did have a 
    tattoo, watch his Cinnamon Challenge video )
    Chris Brown

7. who's your sibling that you're closes to ?

8. how did you get your hair done like that on The Real Bubzbeauty
    video ?
    basically i get a no.2 shaving around the side and then get 
    real choppy at the top and then blended the side from the 
    side to the top. then he used purple Gatsby and hair spray. 
    use Gatsby first and style it, then and put hair spray and
    mould and mould.

9. do you have a middle name ?
    do asian people have middle name ? i wish i know that

10. would you have webcam with your fans ?
      i use Blog TV

11. how many red pocket do you have for Chinese New Year this
      year ?
      i got 9 red pocket. the older you get, the less you get because the less cute 
      you are.  

12. what is the best prank you ever pulled ?
      umm. that's a good one. i pulled a lot of pranks. 
      probably, telling my mom that i got black girl pregnant
      yeah, that could really give her a heart attack

13. what is the weirdest thing you had ever done in your life ?
      when i was in primary school, i used to pick my nose 
      and eat it in front the whole class. .

14. what is your favourite clothing brand ?
      to be honest, i buy anything that's nice and worth buying.
      if it looks nice to me, i buy it

15. do you like fat cats and potatoes ?
      yes, i love cats but i love dogs more 
      potatoes . . they're cool

16. where did you get your swag . . . top ?
      i get that top at Christmas from my girlfriend at that 
      time but right now things are like really awkward

17. how many accent can you speak ?
      the only one that i'm speaking

18. if the temperature is 0 degree outside and tomorrow
      is going to be twice as cool, how cool would it be ?
      ummm. . 0 

19. if you could marry someone who's 80 years old and is a
      billionaire, would you do so ?
      hell freakin' yeah ! as long there's no sexual stuff involved

20. do you have a girlfriend ?
      i'm single again.

21. are you actually Rikeh, Lyndi's bro ?
      unfortunately, yes i am 

22. what is your favourite girl group ?

23. -

24. GD or TOP ?
      TOP cools but i always take GD more because GD so cool
      he's epic

25. - 

26. why are you so adorable ?
      i dunno. i just get one from my mom and dad gave me

27. would you rather be really brilliant and hideous or
      beautiful and really dumb ?
      probably brilliant and really hideous and when i 
      become successful get surgery and just sexy myself up

28. what is your type of girl ?
      probably a pretty girl with a nice personality and loyal 

29. KAI or LEON ?
      LEON. me and LEON are like blood brothers.
      KAI, he's cool but . . he's a weak loser -.-''

30. how old are you ?
      i'm 20