Saturday, April 16, 2011

worldwide music. .

  trying to recap back 'how i become addicted to KPOP?'. well, it was back at end of year 2010. i don't know why i am so interested to KPOP. since then i stop listening to local music and english music. all that i saw was only KPOP. before that i used to listen to Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brother, Justin Bieber  maybe? and many more but then i just forget them instantly just because of KPOP.

before i become addicted to KPOP, my friends LIYANA YEN and NAIS always share our stories about new english hit but this year when they ask me about the new hit i usually say "aku ta dengar laa english skunk ni. sorry". so i have decided to reduced a bit of KPOP and listen back to local and english song. let me be a worldwide music listener and not just stuck at KPOP.

but whatever it is KPOP is still my number one priority. yeah !

p/s: maknae BIG BANG SeungRi is soo cute :D