Saturday, April 16, 2011

aspuri :D

located at banting

           It's been a long time since my last entries. hemm. suddenly blankness came. hoho. as you all know now i'm staying at hostel. i think living at hostel making my life easier. i don't know why but i just don't like staying home. not like other 'aspuri' who always claim "bila nak balik ni?", "bosan laa duduk kat hostel ni !" but not for me. i think hostel is the best place for me. it just suits me very well.

          well, since this is my last year at school and hostel, so Ummi Roziah gave me the responsibility to be the head of the dorm which is G6~ or you called it 'KD' means ketua dorm. i still don't know how to be a good leader in the dorm. sometimes the G6 KIDS
 makes me dizzy. i even thought to quit beeing KD then i think about it back, "you have to be strong FAR. those thing are just a small matter for you. you can handle it. you can do it !"

          i have to be strong !

p/s: heechul LOVE  jjinbbak a.k.a PAU !  hahaha~

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